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This song is written for HIM

It was when I say you the first time

All I had looked so small

I turned around and wished you were mine

But so seemed to be so far away

Now that I came near you

and I learn so much about you

This feeling gets so strong

I hope it will carry on

because this is what makes me happy

This is the way I love

I know I schouldn't love you

I tried so hard to let it go

But this feelings taken control

of me, all I want

is to say it to you

But I found no way

I can't take it no more

but this is the way I love

I used to think

I had the answers to all my questions

But now I know

Theres only one answer to all my questions

The answer is: YOU

Maybe you don't know

this love has such a meaning

we'll make it if we want

If only you'll understand

Theres nothing we could make wrong

Tell me baby

should we end up

on our own

We should start this

Before it all goes down

Goes down in a unknown history

I used to think

I had the anwers to all my questions

But now I know

There is only one answer to all my questions

the answer is : YOU

I showed you this song

But I didn't say that

it is about you

you said it's a nice one

Take a look between the lines

and you will feel

This is the way I love

This is...the way

I love


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This is a song from my heart

I try to tell you all the time

what you mean to me

but there's something deep inside me

that stops me on my way

But how can I tell you

that I will never forget you

I think about you all the time

I just wanna lie in your arms

But there's always that one question

that will always stop me

this question is "Will you give this feeling back?"

How can I make you believe

you're more than just a good friend

I love you

from the bottom of my heart

you've started something deep in me

I never felt like this before

I could scream it out for the whole world

But first I gotta say it to you...

but how? Or did you notice by yourself?

I love you

more than everyone on the world.

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